What do you get with the course?

How to use a free website for SMS marketing.

I teach you all the basic types of printing required.

Why it's important to have a side hustle.

How to design a logo for your brand using Canva.

With canva, you can design a cover photo and facebook content..

We know being creative is difficult. I share my tipes on finidign design inspirations.

Managing a facebook page is more than just posting. I teach you how to make your facebook page stand out.

Reaching out to influencers might be a challanges, I share hacks on how to get them wear your merch. 

We know you have a limited budget. I help you strategies on where to invest your money.

Heatpress might look difficult to use, I teach you how to start using it from scratch.

We know you have a limited budget. I help you strategies on where to invest your money.

Think the t-shirt business is saturated? I teach you how to stand out of the crowd with a unique strategy.

From a blank t-shirt to a print on it, I show you how to get it done in simple terms.

Factories will scam you! Here's a few trick before you place your order.

What should a business do? B2b or B2C? I help you understand it in details

How to import and export? with the resources that I personally use.

Courier is an essential part of a business. I share my resources and how you should select a courier partner.

A crash course on Facebook ads by Khalid Farhan.

Start your dream company today.

When I started Mad Koffee, I had no idea about the world of t-shirt businesses. I started in one room and now I have a 5000+ sqft factory. Mad Koffee is a known brand now. 

I learned it the hard way after losing over 13lakh+. You won't have to do the same. I covered everything that you need to know to launch a successful t-shirt business in this course. 

With personal 1/1 calls and support, I believe this course is all you need to start your brand. Plus you get access to the POD service free for 6 months. 

I am wishing you all the best

Amin Hannan


Mad Koffee & Bishal Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a computer and basic english knowledge, that's enough.

You can only use one device to watch this course. If your device is lost/ stolen, you can get one new access for your new device. 

You will get 1 free call with the instructor. However, you can get support from the Bishal Factory team for any quries. 

Yes, you can watch it from any device you want. 

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